Monday, December 12, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

Korean Home Cooked Meal

Koreans are known to be slim and I do believe it. Well this is a typical meal Jon and his family has back home in Korea and they made for us one Friday night. We had the local Satay as well but my taste buds were so drawn to the Korean food, I didn't touch the Satay  that night.
Kimchi, eggs,chili,vegetables(chinese cabbage,carrots)
Sweet potatoes and behind are Satay from Sg Nibung
One way to eat it! Sweet potato as the base and with kimchi, sauce on it.
The Korean ~ Jon mixing it with mee(2nd way)
I embraced both ways, I love the sweet, sour, spicy mix taste and I wouldn't mind having this meal 3 times a week. Simply delicious and healthy compared to hawker foods and fast foods. Marvelous! Thanks Jon and Annie :) I got to find out their Korean names. Soon.....


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