Monday, September 29, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Shervone Cakes, Pulau Tikus

  Some of you might have been to Shervone at Krystal Point, Bayan Lepas but now there is a new outlet at Pulau Tikus opposite Tan Mark Book store. Three weeks old.

I had the priviledge of tasting a variety of coffee, cakes and chocolates, not to mention the delectable main courses. It's a very decorated place, being a cake house, coffee and cafe all in one.

The highlight of their coffee is the DIY concept, make your own coffee using the Arissto Premium Coffee brand. I will upload a video on how latte is done with Arissto coffee maker soon.

My Latte
The first dish that was served to us was their Briyani Spice Rice with 1/4 Chicken. We all enjoyed the dish as the chicken was tender with added spices and cashew nuts. Being the typical Malaysian we all are, we requested for more gravy and we enjoyed it even more. Salad at the side made it all a balanced meal.

The new signature dish, Heng Penang Laksa,a recipe that was handed down by Mr. Yo's grandmother was my favourite of all. The laksa had all the right spices, with lots of shredded fish and the 'hae ko'(shrimp/prawn paste) was placed in a bottle for us to pour the amount we want. The soup is thick and has the right sour to it.
Note: Heng Penang Laksa is only served on weekends

Something I would love for breakfast, the Panini Wasabi Salmon. I sliced and I dipped  my wasabi salmon into the egg and then put all into my mouth. The combination was supreme. That's how I ate my Panini Wasabi Salmon with eggs. By the way, I love eggs and I eat them everyday. 

They also have a wide variety of their hand made chocolates. The most bizarre flavour would be curry banana choc( its the brown rockish look chocolate on your far left) which was surprisingly tasty in its unique way. The other one that I liked was the strawberry as the chocolate is white chocolate,it seems to go well with the strawberry fillings. Mind you, I usually don't like strawberry flavoured things. So this was good to me. 

Click to see the flavour of the chocolates
Then comes the cakes and the best for me out of the three goes to Carrot Cake. : )
I would love to visit another time to try other chocolate and cheese cakes. Yum!
Sesame Cheese, Carrot Cake, Rum Truffle

Thanks to Sharon( lovely lady in the pastel color dress), wife of Mr. Yo in serving and letting us in to a bit of history. A friendly lady always at your service. The  girl(top left)who served us chocolates is a part time server who was very helpful that day. All the best to your studies in TAR. : )

Finally we have Mr. Yo, the cake designer/chef, the main man in this shop. He mentioned that they also have ice cream cakes and 3D cakes that we can order. On top of that, Sharon has told us that they have party event planning as well and they are collaborating with Party Fete. So if you have birthday celebrations coming up, do drop in and have a chat with them.

I wish to fly!!! :P
Address: 230A, Burma Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Contact No:012-4296948
Opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
Check out more at Shervone 2.0 Facebook

Friday, September 19, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Hainanese Delights, 1926 Hotel, Penang

Hainanese Delights is situated within 1926 Heritage Hotel along Burma Road.  As you enter the lobby area, the restaurant will be on your right.

Besides the hainanese dishes and some nyonya type of dishes, there is something different in a cuisine like this that I will highlight.

They have pies, chicken, lamb and macaroni pies. My godbro ordered a large chicken pie(see below) and it was pleasantly tasty as the cream, eggs amd chicken are all tasty altogether. The crust is soft as well but I'm not too fond of mixed vegetables, other than that, I enjoyed it.

The rest of what we had are shown in the pictures below. Quite similar to nyonya food but not as many spices in it. Their website which is given at the bottom of this post, has their menu in .pdf format that you can download. Very informative indeed.

 Website :
Address : 227, Jalan Burma, 10050, Penang
Contact No/Fax No : 04 - 2261926