Monday, January 23, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Chicago Ribs at Gurney Plaza

The city of steaks and ribs named Chicago Ribs is at Gurney Plaza. The Chicago Rib House new menu contains some interesting new dishes such as their Grilled Cod, Seafood Pasta, Grilled Salmon, 10oz Wagyu Ribeye Steak, Tortilla Salad and a Chocolate Mud Pie dessert amongst many others.
100% satisfaction it says...
We got ourselves a comfortable corner and begin ordering with the help of a waitress who seemed a bit pushy towards to her suggestion rather than being interested in our wants. You know it when you've been served well and not. Somehow after the first order, another guy came to serve us and he seem to have our best interest in mind.
1/2 Rack Ribs with Bourbon Sauce - RM 38.90
Laura had her Flaming sauce ribs while the other two had their ribs with Bourbon sauce. I much preferred the Bourbon sauce . Our only complain is that the sauce was not enough and if we wanted a bit more, we have to pay RM 6 for it. Sigh...I didn't think that was really necessary. However, the ribs is delicious and I would return to eat this again. The (side dish) baked potato with sour cream has a nice texture to it. Our main meals comes with two side dishes of our choice and so far it was all good.
I highly recommend the rib-eye steak(medium well) as it was tender and easy to cut. It was juicy yet well cooked making the steak tasty and of course it went well with its sauce. They gave a generous portion of fresh vegetable with the majority being broccoli.
Ribeye Steak(10oz) - RM49.90
Laura enjoying her flaming ribs, clean bones left with side dishes yet to finish. :)
Eason, the friendly server

170-G-43 Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney 10250 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +604-229-0763
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Sweet Coconut-Air Itam Market

Walking down the street of Air Itam market, I scour for interesting buys. This coconut cart made an impression. Boulders of coconuts, I wonder if it is sweet? 'Memanglah'(ofcourse) or I wouldn't have that title, betulkah(right?)? Twice I tried on two different occasions, sweetness still remains. You can ask him, he will tell you which level of sweetness you can choose from. Go for'll not regret it. If it ain't sweet, then something is wrong somewhere.

Normal coconut - RM 3.00
Sweet coconut - RM 3.50
Small coconut - RM 2.50

Look for this man - he is near some bakery shop.
Monday, January 16, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Today's Special: A Dessert Recipe by Nava K

Nava has loads of fantastic recipes and she is here to share with us. I hope readers of ' My Tasting Out Loud' will have a good time with this delicious dessert.Let us know how it turn out. :) Thanks Nava for the generous sharing. Hope to have you back again. ~ Sue
Pineapple Bread Pudding
loaf of bread is always available at home for its our saviour whenever we are hungry, for our breakfast or as a light meal for dinner. However, there are times when only half the loaf of bread moves and there are no takers or none seem interested in finishing it off.  Since I hold on strongly to the policy of 'NO WASTAGE' of food at home, I will be cracking my head on what should be done with the balance. Sometimes I make croutons and store in air tight containers. Other times it will be for bread pudding but it cannot be the same bread pudding over and over.  So here comes the pudding with canned pineapples and whipped cream to go with it.  Instead of baking one medium size pudding, I used the muffin cups via the muffin tray to bake as individual smaller ones.  By doing so, I don't have the need to cut the pudding, instead it was running a butter knife all over the individual muffin cups after the pudding was baked and cool down. By the way, I made this pudding with wholemeal bread but sure you can use other types of bread as well.

10 slices of whole meal bread - cut into medium square pieces with the crust on
1 can (450g) cubed canned pineapples - separate the juice and fruit
1/2 cup milk 
30g butter - melted
3 eggs - lightly beaten
1 packet (200ml) whipped cream

-Grease the muffin tray.
-Add equal amount of bread into each of the individual cups.
-Combine milk, butter, eggs, pineapple juice and vanilla essence. 
-Stir all in and pour into the cups to 3/4 full.
-Add equal amount of pineapples cubes inside each cups and push gently inside.
-Bake at preheated oven (10mins) at 200c for about 40 mins or until the top becomes brown in color.
-Remove from oven and immediately pour equal amount of whipped cream into each individual cups of baked pudding.
-Let it cool down and if you prefer to serve it chilled, place in the fridge.
-Once done, run knife all over the cups to loosen and serve.
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Penang Times Square

Oh my, this place is really meant for a point and shoot activity. At every corner of the place, you would have a tendency to pull out your camera. I'm quite a camera shy person but I do have certain 'moments' and cam whoring ain't my thing. Fullhouse at Penang Times Square is like a life-size playhouse, almost anyway. The menu is a square sized magazine with attractive pictures and adverts of the food,with last few pages of comics to amuse us. After ordering our food,  we went touring the whole place, comfortable whitish quaint place.

* entrance of Fullhouse and the magazine cum comic menu
* highlights of my camera..
* things I wouldn't mind in my big mansion ;)
The lamb is tender and well-done, the sauce complements the lamb without a fault. Therefore I recommend it.

Grilled Lamb Chop
There is nothing much to comment on this black pepper chicken, I have no qualms yet no great compliments.
Black Pepper Chicken Chop
I know my friend's mom enjoyed this very much. I remember taking a bite and it was as pleasant as it looks and nothing more.

Chicken Parcel
The seared seabass was disappointing that night as it was a bit hard yet not so tasty, unfortunately. Well, maybe your turn will be different.

Seared Seabass
Though the servings of the Grilled Mix Seafood might look small but after a careful look, it was just right for moderate eaters. Leaving a person with some space for desserts. :)

Grilled Mix Seafood

My top recommendation goes to my Grilled Lamb Shank. I commend myself for making that choice, it was delicious though I had only half of the shank. (We all had a taste of each others dish) The sauce is usually the most important to make an impression of its tastiness. It serves with some pasta at the side.

Grilled Lamb Shank

All the prices are between RM 15 to RM 29 if I am not mistaken. My apologies for not taking note, got caught up with the whole point and shoot as well as eating at 8.30pm. I was famished like crazy. No, that is abit extreme to say, I was hungry enough to throw a mild tantrum though. But I didn't , I behaved.
The ladies of the night. Aunty Esther, the birthday lady and her precious daughter.
Thanks for the lovely dinner, J!  Blessed Birthday, Aunty Esther!

KC Lye the friendly Supervisor who helped us with photography, touring and serving us the birthday cake. Well-rounded service, thumbs up!  
*for sale

This private room is free to use when spend a total of RM1500 and above. I peeked through as the door was ajar.

There are a few more things, it is also called a lifestyle shop but my foot never reached the entrance of the little shop upstairs. Just for your information, it has a boutique selling Korean clothes and accessories and a salon by appointment. This location is also their seventh outlet and my first time dining here.

Water fountain

Fullhouse sign from the road view
Check it out!

77-G-20-22, 61-65
Penang Times Square
Jalan Dato Keramat Georgetown
10150 Penang.
Business Hours:
Sun-Thurs : 12.00pm~12.00am (Last Call At 11.00pm)
Fri-Sat : 12.00pm~1.00am (Last Call At 12.00am)
Tel: +604 2260340
Website: here
Monday, January 2, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Kwai Lock Coffee Shop, Pulau Tikus, Penang

Just two days after Christmas and I thought the hustle and bustle of the markets and food places would have reduced. Looks like whoever is back in Penang or visiting Penang is out for the best of the food paradise. No doubt, we have lots of variety here.
Here we are strolling around Pulau Tikus market and soon my sister will head over for her favourite Chee Cheong Fun at Kwai Lock Coffee shop. That morning, the coffee shop was packed. It was a chore to even find a chair after securing a table which took awhile. I was left without a chair and I went to asked the cashier man and he said "bo liau" (no more). I suppose the coffee shop was not prepared for the crowd. Finally, I did get to sit. No worries, such things will never affect my taste buds.
Curry Mee
I took a bit of my sister's Curry Mee and the sweetness of the soup is just nice. I don't like it if the soup is too sweet or too mild. Something in between suits me. However, I preferred the Sar Hor Fun that came with generous portions of meat and I enjoyed the taste when I scoop each of everything and eating it altogether.
Sar Hor Fun without egg
Neslo(combination of Nescafe and Milo) & Milo. Thick and nice.
Packets of Chee Cheong Fun
I wondered,how many of you would pack Penang hawker food back to KL? I know my sister does and she bought around 10 packets of chee cheong fun and this was not her first time. It would vary from 10 packets to 30 packets, I lost count. By the way, the Chee Cheong Fun stall that she likes is the one nearest to the Police station as there are two stalls selling at Kwai Lock Coffee Shop. That's not all she packed back, later she also 'tapau' Mee Goreng at along Gurney Drive. (pictures not provided). All this to be shared with her KL friends.

View Kwai Lock Coffee Shop @ Pulau Tikus, Penang in a larger map