Thursday, March 29, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Buffet lunch at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang

This post is actually a continuation from my Sue-World blog post Wong Shuenda with Trinity College London. I'm not doing a food review but sharing what I had in a buffet at Evergreen Laurel Hotel when I was there for a teachers seminar. This is the start of my lunch meal, fruit first then salad. A good start as the salad was fresh, love the alfalfas.
Fruit & Salad - for starters
Then here comes my main meal. It was alright overall, nothing spectacular. I believe I enjoyed my salad and dessert the most.

Here it is, my long awaiting desserts. I only remembered one type of cake I do not like , other than that, all's great. Added vanilla ice cream to my double moist chocolate cake(that was the best).

Like I said, love the salad, so I returned with more of it, adding some meat to it too. The latte was by the way excellent too.

the dessert table.

Check out more on their buffets OR check out on the accomodation if you want to visit Penang. It's pretty reasonable and you will have a great seaview too:) ~


Nava K said...

Looks like a gorgeous spread of food and your pics all say it all. Thanks for informing me on the other place to try out in Penang. I will be in Penang on 26th April, so will check out the place.

Grace Ann said...

Great! Wonder will actually recognize you if i bump into you:-)

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