Thursday, March 15, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

KimChi BBQ Korean Restaurant, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

A great recommendation from a friend who had frequent this restaurant months ago. So curious what's good about this place, a trip there was made. True enough the food is good, stuffed up and satisfied!
Here it is... KimChi BBQ Korean Restaurant
No 2C, Jalan Tanjung Bungah ( Opposite Copthorne Hotel)

Contact No: 04-8997032

Looking through the lunch menu, very reasonably priced. The interior has its own uniqueness, giving a Korean home feel or at least that was the impression I felt when I sat down.
Love the tea! Can't help but ask for more refills :)
First they serve the "banchan" , an assortment of small dishes of kimchi such as beansprouts, tofu, fishcakes and etc. The chili was one of the highlight of the meal too.

I like this dish and the spicy sauce is not all that spicy. It's very tasty coupled with the side dishes and the soup. An enjoyable meal it became.

Jaeyuk Dupbob - pan boiled pork mixed with spicy sauce and vegetables - RM15
 This is another choice I would pick for my next lunch menu. Well seasoned and the beef is tender, scrumptiously me :)
Bulgogi Bupbob - MIxed rice with seasoned beef and various ingredients - RM 15

This hot pot was not my fancy, I felt the rice was a little clammy though as a whole it was not too bad. Preference of others, but not mine. Look at that steam, 'hotness'!
Bibimbob - Mixed Rice with Beef & Vegetables - RM 17 
By the time we started this dish, we took awhile to finish as our stomach couldn't withstand much anymore. In the end we did do justice to the food, we pack remains and take away. Hahaha...
Boiled Pork Leg - RM 30 (small)
This is the nice Korean lady boss who served us and was very open to let us take her picture.

Hop on to for more viewing of the food. It's also a great place to hang out and enjoy a good meal. I really don't mind Korean food as my daily lunch meals. Healthy and tasty.


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Anonymous said...

The green tea cost RM5 per cup and no refil of side dishes. Though the meat were nice.

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