Saturday, February 9, 2013 | By: Grace Ann

D'Farenheight Yogurt, Penang

A unique and artistic designed cafe serving western, mexican food appeals to the young crowd for a nice comfortable place of gathering. We gathered here for a friends birthday lunch. 

As you enter, you will be surrounded by posters especially of Marilyn Monroe and special custom made mannequin table such as the one below. Its also a great place for couples to rendezvous with this nice cosy ambience. 

Situated below of Penang Bowl, you can also get a discounted rate when you park at Penang Bowl parking lot. Remember to bring down your ticket because it's so nice for D'Farenheight Yogurt staff who will get the chop for your parking ticket on your behalf.

Games for your amusement 
Marilyn Monroe

It's a place where you would want to take some time to capture and appreciate the artistic designs and its quirky,nice way of decoration before you start enjoying the meals. 
Naughty Fellow - RM 7 ( Tropical Mix Juice)
You're Little Devil - "Oh not her, but the drink" - RM 7.00
Mint Tea - RM 7
I had a taste of all the dishes my friends and I ordered and I have to say its all very delightful. Only thing for me was the pork was hard that day though but the sauce was good. The jackfruits was a great sideline as well.
Fiery Oregano Chicken - RM19.80
Wine Tamarin Pork Loin - RM19.80
Kimono Crispy Yogurt - RM19.80
Sexy Chicks - RM 13.90
I do love the Prawn Potato Yogurt, and if you are here for snacks and chat, this is highly recommended unless you are allergic to prawns.:)
Prawn Potato Yogurt - RM12.90
I liked the range of healthy meals served such as the yogurt salads as it is nutritious and tasty. 
Yogurt Salad - RM13.90
Yogurt Salad
Yogurt Salad - RM 13.90
The frozen yogurt are homemade and it is exceptionally enticing when mixed with liquor. Eunice, the proprietor of D' Farenheight Yogurt gave us a Martini Yogurt, such a sweet ending before our departure. 
Martini Yogurt - Complimentary from Eunice
Eunice giving a gift to the birthday gal Shirly