Saturday, July 30, 2016 | By: Grace Ann

Eastern Garden Restaurant, KL

                   Eastern Garden Restaurant specializes on Chinese cuisine and does not serve food with MSG. Miss Tan, one of the proprietor and chef is fastidious when it comes to preparation of the food and seeks to prepare healthy, tasty dishes. If you are use to the taste of MSG in your food, then it will take awhile to acquire a taste you might deem lesser but it is actually the opposite. Everything will taste as it is without the mask of MSG. 

                 Occasionally they have dishes that are not mentioned in the menu and one of that dish that we had was Dragon Fruit chicken. Instead of the usual orange, mango sauce we usually have else where, dragon fruit was definitely my first and it was really good with the chicken. My other fancy is the homemade beancurd with pumpkin sauce. 

                Even though my trip to KL was a bit tight, was glad to be able to drop in a friends restaurant. Thankfully it wasn't too far off from where I stay. And having a friend who is good with driving around KL was a blessing.

                       There are ample parking spaces along the road and they are open for lunch and dinner.
                       For more information, details are at the end of the post.

Dragon fruit chicken
Wild boar with lemongrass
Homemade Beancurd with pumpkin sauce
Baby Lettuce Garlic
Love the herbal tea. With the lady in charge!Nice seeing ya, Suan Lian!

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Contact number:

011-3748 8936