Thursday, March 31, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

Yeh Lai Ong Restaurant, Ipoh, Perak

The pictures were taken last year before the thought of a food blog came about. My attention fell upon these pictures and memories of how it tasted came to mind. This was not intended for food blogging or was it an invited review so I am not able to give you much details, but I will try my best with google. :) So here are the dishes ordered:
Japanese Tauhu
I remembered the sauce being not too starchy like some that I have tasted before. It was just perfect and nothing more.
Asparagus with prawns
The portion was kind of small as I remembered but it's really nice and makes you want more. It was cooked just right and all the vegetables tasted fresh.
Fish - I can't remember the details.
The fish was fresh and the sauce really goes with it but the next time I go, I will try the steamed fish. I saw it being served at another table and it looks so inviting. Once again my favourite coriander adds to the blissful taste.
Sesame Chicken
The sesame chicken seems pleasant and I have no qualms about it. There's nothing really special or unique about the dish however all I can say is it tasted nice. As you can see below, not only were we famished but it surely whetted our appetite nicely. The bill as I vaguely recall, it was reasonable.So my recommendation to you to drop in while you are in Ipoh. I googled about this place and there was not alot of information on this place but manage to dig out that it is somewhere in Jalan Merpati, and some other recommended dishes commented by someone are salted egg crabs, specialty fried noodles, steamed white pomfret and seafood.
Satisfied Customers!!!
This is a picture taken as we left. So readers from Ipoh if you could give us more information on how to get there etcetra, feel free to share.


Nava.K said...

Love the tauhu, very healthy and the fish, yummy it looks. If am at Ipoh, will check out, thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Yes it is, very healthy tauhu. Ya do try it out, I'm looking forward for a 2nd visit.

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