Monday, March 21, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

SOHO Free House,Penang

Old Style Shepherds Pie - RM13.50
Roasted Herbal Chicken - RM 13.50
Roasted Beef - Today's Special - RM 22
Bangers n Mash - RM 13.50
Caesar's Salad- RM 8

        English cuisine from SOHO, Penang is delish. Feeling abit dingy as we walk through the door and barely anyone there, we managed to find a cosy area to dine.
       My best pick from all that we had is Old Style Shepherd's Pie. Cutting it was a breeze, the texture is soft yet it does not break easily. The lamb stuffed with the crust tasted unbelievably delicious.
      My second pick would be from the Today's Special Menu , Roasted Beef. It was tender and juicy, that's how I like it however the portion is a tad too small for me. The bun that you see right there has a different taste that I'm not used to.
      Caesar Salad has a cheesy taste that's quite overwhelming from the first bite but overall it was good. The different ingredients complemented one another.
      Roasted Herbal Chicken and Bangers & Mash seems rather normal though the big sausage suits my taste just fine but not worth the price. Nothing to shout about much.
      We had a talk with the chef, not sure who to expect but here comes Mr.Chong, our very own local man who cooks great English food. We gave our complements and thanks to the chef for doing such a good job. i forgot to asked him why the food took quite long to arrive  'cos even after we finished a game of pool, it did not arrived till 5 minutes later after that. On a day where there's barely a soul and we were the first for lunch.

      Conclusion: They will definitely see me again because I love the Shepherd's Pie. Oh yes, there are also the taxes 10% + 6% charges for your information.
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50, Ground & Upper Floor,
Penang Road,
10000 Penang,

t: (6)04-263 3331
f: (6)04-263 5146


Catherine Ang said...

wow yum yum :)

Sue said...

Hi Catherine,

Yes its sure yum yum especially the shepherds pie.

Thanks for visiting.

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