Tuesday, November 4, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Paris Penang, Bayan Bay, Penang

    Tucked within a breezy, cosy area in Hammer Bay is Paris in Penang. Hailed from Paris himself, Mr.Amrani has a kiosk selling french crepes as seen in the menu below. It's only been about 3 months but soon there will be some changes to the layout with some extension of roof and lighting. Hope to visit again, because I simply enjoy the taste.

La Banana - rm13
Choco Crispy - rm14
I love it, the first one I tried was the La Banana, with banana slices and coupled with ice cream and other inconspicuous but flavorful ingredients. And the next is new in the upcoming menu, Choco Crispy. Choco Crispy is heavy with peanuts, and if you are not allergic to nuts and love the crunchiness of it, do try this.  It's all delicious to the core, From the pancake itself to the sauces and of course the ice cream that adds the extra kick.

Paris Penang Cafe FB Page
Location:  3, Pesiaran Bayan Indah 2 (Behind Gold Coast Condo) - Click to get map directions
Contact No: 011-1505 8372


Ho Chiak Penang said...

I like your writing style, Grace. :-)

Anyway, here is my article of Paris Penang. :-)

Grace Ann said...

Thanks! Nice, will have a look at your blog : )

Unknown said...

Thanks Grace. Just for information, new roof, lighting and table. .. are ready. Hope to see you again soon.

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