Wednesday, March 5, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Lunarich at One Precinct, Bayan Lepas

Best Picture of the evening : )

The interior of Lunarich is elegant yet simple. The logo coupled with the name attracts my attention, I like names that just sounds good when I articulate it. I'm quite a dreamy person,  a thinker so the moon crescent works well with me. Luna means moon just fyi. 

This is Aglio Oglio with pieces of chicken breast topped with some black olives and it all tasted so much better with the chili flakes. It didnt come with it, we had to ask for it. The dish is well covered with olive oil making the spaghetti less dry.

Spaghetti Aglio e Oglio - RM 26

Quattro Formaggi is a pasta dish topped with four types of cheese,  rich creamy taste along with Korean style beef marinated. A dish for cheese lovers.  I know I liked it.

Quattro Formaggi - RM36

Salmon steak was not one of my favourite of the evening, all I can say is the sauce was good. 

Salmon Steak - RM 32.90

Tiramisu on the other hand was so good, a tad bit expensive considering the usual size i get from other Italian restaurants but worth the taste.  Decorated with sliced strawberry and a cherry, in a nice looking glass. With that size, you might even have one more but then again ....... 

Tiramisu - RM 12

Server for the night:Jesslyn. Indeed a helpful one. : )

With my grownup bro!
There is another outlet at Gurney Paragon, location can be found in the website. 

Address :1B-G-31, Lengkok Mayang Pasir,Bayan Baru
Contact no: +60 4-611 5340


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