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Five 27, Scandinavian Restaurant

As I was saying in the last post, I was going to try the food next at Five 27, the other night was just drinks - previous post

Five27 is  a bistro-lounge with Nordic inspired cuisine serving with local and imported ingredients.  It's also a healthy eating place.

My visit with friends was during a weekend lunch. They have set lunch menu which consist of Soup of The Day, a main meal, dessert and drink  and all this for RM35++.

First they gave us starters from the house, each a piece of their homemade cake-like bread with their own Nordic spread.

Complimentary Starter 
Pumpkin Soup
As we finished our starter, here comes the Pumpkin Soup, the Soup of the day and it was on the clear, light side.  I was and am used to thick creamy pumpkin soup but after tasting this, I have to say this is one of the best pumpkin soup ever. It appears to have alfafa and some other garnishing elements in it that made the soup so divine. Unfortunately the server was not able to tell further on the ingredients and the owners were not around.

Baked Cheddar Emerald Fish

This is the fish. It was just alright for me, a pleasant taste. The square cube at the side turns out to be a type of cheese. It is an acquired taste for different individual for sure. At the first mouthful, it took me aback with its tastelessness. Then I took it again, it became slightly better mixed with the fish and all and then towards the end, I couldn't finish it. As I said, it is an acquired taste nevertheless it is not unpleasant.

Iced Lemongrass tea and skyjuices

100% Beef Burger with wedges RM 28
100% Beef Burger was ordered from the Ala Carte menu and the burger came with french fries but I requested for a change to potato wedges. Potato wedges comes with the other pork burger (new in the menu by the way!)
Look at that, it tasted real good with all its topped ingredients. The flower can be eaten too... I added cheese price would have been RM26. The potato wedges is superb, any kid or adult would love it. The seasoning enhanced the whole taste and so are the sauces provided. Tomato and their own original sauce.

Cream brulee
I think I have I mentioned before in my other posts that I love crème brulee so when I saw it in the menu, I have got to try it. It was abit of a letdown. The top that was covered with 'sugar glass' and it was sticky  and the brulee tasted abit eggy. The presentation however was creative as you can see.

Below picture features the time and day different band plays for Five27. I went for Saturday night and I enjoyed the songs sung by Sound of Light.

Wall design on the wall

Veronica with her dish

I'm with my creative creme brulee
3A G18 & 19 Straits Quay,  E& O Marina
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjong Tokong
10470, Penang



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