Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | By: Grace Ann

Drinks at Five27, Straits Quay

This was an after dinner event, we had drinks before the night's over. First time in this Scandinavian restaurant,  we sat outside enjoying the music as the family chatters. 

I will return for food tasting next, so this is just a preview of a weekend at Five27. A band was playing that night, didn't get the name but they are impressive enough to catch my attention.
(updated the band name below) Kudos to whoever you, drop me a line of the name of the band if you know it or are it.

Sound of Light live music 

Our drinks. The server lady was very nice and helpful. My niece was busy listening to music till was given paper and crayon to draw then she drew till the end.

Get to know Five27 more at their Five27 Facebook page. And stay tune on my next visit there.


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