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Yummy Cuisine Sg Ara [ Invited Review ]

This is a place you would like to return often to when you are at that area in Bayan Lepas.  First of all, the food is great and fast. I have been there a number of times however this time the proprietor May invited some of us to taste some of her best selections. I did a post on my last quickie meal at Yummy - yummy-cuisine-sungai-ara-penang, some of what i like as well especially the belacan chicken.

We had lots of laughs and even made new friends with the next table and of course our individual taste comments were one of our main topics over the lunch table. We already had lots of food in the morning yet this lunch could still spur us on so my write up is based on all the talks we had that day.
The entry to Yummy Cuisine. It is just a road away from KFC.
Bamboo prawns is delicious beyond compare. Fresh big prawns covered with its gravy that just speaks of alluring Malaysian taste yet not too spicy for the spicy stricken people. I have also tasted their butter prawns last year and it was very appetizing as well. Oh yes, so is the assam prawns and like I said I have been here a number of occasions.
Bamboo Prawns ( Tekong Haei - Hokkien translation)
Here we have Kuchai Pia and I think in English the vegetable is a sort of chives based on my google research. This is something different and with its crisps, you can just dip into the chili sauce and eat it on its own.
Chives Biscuit (Kuchai Pia - hokkien translation)
Another deep fried dish tofu , soft on the inside, which also goes well with chili sauce. 
Chiau Pai Tau Fu
Now here comes the fishes, this nyonya fish has a unique taste of different spices and with its tinge of sourness, the whole combination was superb. Love it! And May said it is called 'Ikan Senangin' in malay.
Nyonya Fish

This Tippan fish is spicier than the Nyonya fish and its crispy sides are nice to chew on and I love that they included one of my favourite vegetable- 'kacang botol' in English it is called winged bean which i read it is good for reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The whole dish just whets my appetite.

Tippan(hot pan) Fish
Then we had the pork dish and though it looks dry but the meat is tender and nice. Goes well with all the fishes. One of my friend enjoyed this very much, and it is something she used to eat during her growing up years.
Lamju Bak - Pork dish

Our Lunch Cuisine

May Soon - proprietor of Yummy Cuisine with her delightful dishes
The sight of satisfied customers
Yummy Cuisine Restaurant
Closed on Mondays
Address: 308-A-1 Jalan Dat Ismail Hashim, Sungai Ara, Penang
Contact Number : 04 - 6441636
Mobile Number : 012-526 8621(May)

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