Monday, January 23, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Chicago Ribs at Gurney Plaza

The city of steaks and ribs named Chicago Ribs is at Gurney Plaza. The Chicago Rib House new menu contains some interesting new dishes such as their Grilled Cod, Seafood Pasta, Grilled Salmon, 10oz Wagyu Ribeye Steak, Tortilla Salad and a Chocolate Mud Pie dessert amongst many others.
100% satisfaction it says...
We got ourselves a comfortable corner and begin ordering with the help of a waitress who seemed a bit pushy towards to her suggestion rather than being interested in our wants. You know it when you've been served well and not. Somehow after the first order, another guy came to serve us and he seem to have our best interest in mind.
1/2 Rack Ribs with Bourbon Sauce - RM 38.90
Laura had her Flaming sauce ribs while the other two had their ribs with Bourbon sauce. I much preferred the Bourbon sauce . Our only complain is that the sauce was not enough and if we wanted a bit more, we have to pay RM 6 for it. Sigh...I didn't think that was really necessary. However, the ribs is delicious and I would return to eat this again. The (side dish) baked potato with sour cream has a nice texture to it. Our main meals comes with two side dishes of our choice and so far it was all good.
I highly recommend the rib-eye steak(medium well) as it was tender and easy to cut. It was juicy yet well cooked making the steak tasty and of course it went well with its sauce. They gave a generous portion of fresh vegetable with the majority being broccoli.
Ribeye Steak(10oz) - RM49.90
Laura enjoying her flaming ribs, clean bones left with side dishes yet to finish. :)
Eason, the friendly server

170-G-43 Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney 10250 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Phone: +604-229-0763


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