Tuesday, May 3, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

Hisago at Straits Quay, Penang

Eversince I was told on this special dish called Wagyu Beef, I looked for it and finally found a place that has it and a place I've never been to. Wagyu beef or also known as 'Kobe' style beef has been discovered that the meat is the most succulent and tender in the world. Moreoever the fat has more monounsaturated fat (the good fat), making it suitable as part of a lower cholesterol diet.

 So some of us went there to have a simple birthday celebration and being there early, we were the only ones there and were joined by other diners later on. The seating and the atmosphere in the restaurant is well suited for families and friends to dine and hang out. Eric Lim the General Manager is camera shy but nevertheless served us with his recommendations. He gave a gift of green tea ice cream to the birthday 'baby' in a unique glass which you can see at the bottom of the page and we had not been left out but given a complimentary green tea ice cream too. Thanks Eric!
Love this piece of architecture!
This is an amazingly scrumptious beef...mmm mmm..the meat is tender and succulent. The two words are the right adjectives to describe this particular wagyu beef.  If it is consistently this good, it will be best selling hands down!
Wagyu Wafu Steak (Japanese style beef steak) - RM 68
I enjoyed this assortment very much, everything tasted fresh and pleasing to my stomach. The wasabi was absolutely hot but exhilarating :)
Suishou Classic Deluxe (selection of assorted Sashimi) - RM 80
The chicken has a simple taste that does not exude a desire for more however it may differ with different people. To each its own.

Toru Yuzu Shioyaki (Grilled Chicken with citrus sauce) - RM 22
The garlic rice was nice too though the portion was more for the weight watchers so it suited me fine.
Garlic Fried Rice - RM 8
There it is, the birthday 'baby's ice cream that comes with red bean and wafer roll in a spiral glass while the other is ours. Both had the red beans and cornflakes sprinkled on it. I really like the combination of red beans and cornflakes toppings as it makes the usual green tea bitterness more pleasant as a whole. As I was never a big fan of green tea ice cream, I got to say this is yummy.
Green tea ice cream
Sushi Bar

I would love to go back and try more things as there are many other varieties. So give it a try when you are at Straits Quay, Penang. Highly recommended. Find out more on their promotions at Hisago Modern Japanese Restaurant Facebook

Hisago Restaurant
Address: Unit 3E-1-1, First Floor, South Quay, Straits Quay, Penang
Contact No: +604 890 1251 | +6012 497 9488


Nick said...

i havent been there b4.. many people said the environment there is nice! :)

Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi Sue,
Tq for coming by my blog. Now, shall I say I am going to try what you tried? Cheers. :o)

Sue said...

Hi Nick, yes the environment is comfy. try it.

Hi Bubbles, sure thing! especially the wagyu beef if you like beef. Thanks for dropping in!

Hisago Modern Japanese Restaurant said...


Nava.K said...

We don't eat beef but sure they rest, esp the sashimi will do.

Sue said...

hi Nava,
their sashimi was good too. They have a variety but have yet to try more.:-)

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