Monday, May 16, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

Eastern Wishes Cafe, Penang

Eastern Wishes is a cafe that serves Nyonya, Hakka and Thai foods. The last time I went was a couple of years back. It was a cosy little square within blocks away from Scotia Bank at I-Avenue and recently I had dinner there, they have expanded a second wing. They must be doing well all these years, I am glad I visited again to taste its scrumptious  dishes. Since the first time I have been here till my last visit, I have never once was dissapointed with any of the food ordered. And I like the sound of the name, Eastern Wishes, not to mentioned the font of the name suits it so well.

Petai with Prawns - Price N/A
I really like the petai and the prawns with curry. Though Petai vegetable is not my favourite but as a whole, it tasted fabulous.The salted bean sprout is not too bad either but the portion is small for 6 people, so if please order according to the pax you have. Most likely medium size will be better.
Salted Fish Beansprout - RM 6
Stuffed Chicken Wings - RM9.50
This is an appetizer dish and the stuffing is delicious with its crispy skin.Something to whet the appetite in the beginning of the meal. I especially like my honey lemon tea compared to passion fruit taste. They have a section for fresh juices and the juices that comes from cans, so make your pick but don't be disappointed, there is a lot of other drinks to choose from too.
Honey Lemon Tea & Passion Juice

Seafood TomYam Soup - RM30 for 6 pax
The Tom Yam Seafood Soup was a 'hot' stuff, the spiciness surely did burn my tongue a little but I would think it is not a problem for the chili 'kings' and 'queens' as how we Malaysians normally refer to a person who is good at eating chilis at a high level. The mixture of sourish, sweet and abit spicy of the kerabu mango brings out a nice taste. There was some hungry people around so i did not get down to taking a full plate of the beancurd so the particular one is mine :) I love the beancurd, soft in the inside, just the right crisp on the outside coupled with the thai sauce.
Kerabu Mango - RM 6
Thai Sauce  Bean Curd - RM 5 small plate
Now for the desserts, it is also an added points for them. Good dishes and good desserts will make anyone happy. So if you come in a group, do have a variety of its appetizers, dishes and desserts to have a yummy 3 course meal. The originality of the food is simple yet scrumptious and the prices are reasonable so it does not burn out your pocket for a good meal. Oh yes, i did remember that I liked the green curry chicken and some crispy vegetable as well which is not part of this event. Please look below for more details of the shop.
Cendol - RM2.80

Tam Tim Grob - RM2.80
Address: 1-1-49, I-Avenue, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, Penang, Pulau Pinang, 11900 Contact no: 04-641 0191
This is the map for  Eastern Wishes Cafe 


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wow that is so cool,thanks for the yummy pics
really enjoyed being here
god bless

Sue said...

Hi again, thanks! I love food n they were delish. Where are you from?

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