Saturday, December 26, 2015 | By: Grace Ann

Ante Restaurant, 1 Utama KL

What do you do when the trip is short and no time for shopping? Eat ! So we were at 1 Utama for lunch and we were famished and about to be on our way back to Penang. We insisted that we have to try something good and one that does not exist in Penang and so we walked almost half hour looking for the right one. 
We came across Ante, and it was just perfect. A premier pork steak restaurant.  Although the waiting was quite awhile, we were comfortably seated and relaxed and we were not disappointed. This is by far the best pork based, western style restaurant I've ever been to. 
Nice, quaint, chic layout of the place and their array of wines are bountiful as you can see in the picture.

The first dish that came was Pork Diane, seared pork loin with Russet potatoes, button mushrooms, green pea mash(love it), and white wine cream sauce. Delicious!
Pork Diane - RM 42
Another signature dish is the Chargrilled Pork Steak, which comes also with Russet potatoes and then cherry tomatoes, honey glazed rockets and truffle sauce(love the sauce). Everything was cooked to perfection and I liked the idea that they glazed the rockets with honey as it is usually abit bitter. Delectable!
The Chargrilled Pork Steak - RM52
Here comes the Chinese/Western style spaghetti - Char Siu Curry Cream. That was the most different dish under the pasta group therefore this was picked. This is house made marinated Char Siu with shimeiji mushrooms and grilled eggplants. Excellent!
Char Siu Curry Cream - RM 33

There was one more thing we wanted to try but unfortunately it was not available so we settled for coffee, a prep for a long drive home. The coffee was good with the right amount of milk in my latte. I wasn't so fond of the mocha only but if you like more cocoa than coffee then it might just suit you. I like it more balanced and skewed towards coffee/espresso.
The only marble table I spotted with the chair that I liked. Mmm..
From left-clockwise: Latte, Mocha and Capuccino
Well Deserved!

Ante @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall
F346 / First Floor next to La Senza


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