Saturday, December 13, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Eighty Eight Restaurant, Penang

It's been quite awhile that I have wanted to try this place. My ex-piano student used to work there as one of the assistants in the kitchen and I heard great feedback about it. 
The Eighty Eight Restaurant that was previously located at Kelawai Road has moved (address at the end of the post). The ambiance and setting of the restaurant is classy yet quaint. 
Look out for the flower signboard 'cos the word Eighty Eight is tiny when you are driving.
the crowd on a weekday

Carrot Soup
The soup was creamy and tasty. I put a little pepper to spice it up to my liking. Clams was the entree dish and it was really good, wish there was more. I could slurp up the entire bowl if I want to.(but no I did not, its fine dining ;  ))
The main dish was Paprika Chicken. The chicken was soft, tender, a little burnt on the skin but no worries. It was fairly good. The beef steak however is commendable. Tender, juicy , cooked just right and the accompanied potato was delicious. Though the price was a tad bit high but for a fine dining setting, its to be expected.

Paprika Chicken
Beef Steak
As for the drink, I chose coffee over tea and it was made by the Coffee Lane crew. Excellent for those who are into siphon type of coffee. I took half without milk and the rest with milk. Just for fun. By the way, Coffee Lane has a new premise at the end of the restaurant. A cosy corner for those who are interested in quality coffee. I used to go a few times when it was at its previous venue.
For Eighty Eight ,If you like to order extra drinks, you can order from the drinks menu. Sky juice is charged at RM 1.00 but its refillable so that's good. 
Black Coffee
And the finale of the list is Raspberry Parfait,a frozen dessert with chocolate syrup and chocolate biscuit crush making the sourness from the raspberry more delicious.
Raspberry Parfait

Eighty Eight Restaurant
No 5, Gat Lebuh China
George Town Malaysia
*Closed every Monday