Friday, September 19, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Hainanese Delights, 1926 Hotel, Penang

Hainanese Delights is situated within 1926 Heritage Hotel along Burma Road.  As you enter the lobby area, the restaurant will be on your right.

Besides the hainanese dishes and some nyonya type of dishes, there is something different in a cuisine like this that I will highlight.

They have pies, chicken, lamb and macaroni pies. My godbro ordered a large chicken pie(see below) and it was pleasantly tasty as the cream, eggs amd chicken are all tasty altogether. The crust is soft as well but I'm not too fond of mixed vegetables, other than that, I enjoyed it.

The rest of what we had are shown in the pictures below. Quite similar to nyonya food but not as many spices in it. Their website which is given at the bottom of this post, has their menu in .pdf format that you can download. Very informative indeed.

 Website :
Address : 227, Jalan Burma, 10050, Penang
Contact No/Fax No : 04 - 2261926


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