Saturday, August 2, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Ye Wei Vietnamese Restaurant

Ye Wei vietnamese restaurant is located at Transfer Road, an easy spot to find along the road. Parking is quite easy as you turn into the road right before the restaurant. 

This place sells a pretty wide range of local Vietnamese dry foods as well as their coffees. We wanted to try their vietnamese dishes and because we were in a long table setting, some dishes were divided into smaller plates thus the photo taking as such.

The vietnamese rolls never fail to disappoint me nor the egg omelette.

The fried chicken and fish tasted normal like a usual Chinese dish. However the brinjal dish is delectable and usually I'm not a fan but for this I am.

The tea was not in the menu but upon request,  Ah Hong the owner obliged us and made us their homemade tea . The wife is a vietnamese and was busy cooking in the kitchen. 

The place is non air conditioned so dress casually to enjoy the meals. Prices are reasonable. 

Add: 168, Jalan Transfer
Tel: +6 012 909 8339 / +604 226 4363


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