Friday, May 24, 2013 | By: Grace Ann

Pasta Zanmai, Paradigm Mall at Kuala Lumpur

My first food visit during my weekend in Kuala Lumpur is Japanese cuisine. First time in Paradigm Mall, first time in Pasta Zanmai. A mixed of italian style , pasta is rather the main thing here, thus the name. I was never a fan of Japanese pizza but this pizza gave me a new hope again. For me, it has to go with wasabi as an enhancement. In every restaurants I go to, the interior designs are the first thing I look out for. Pasta Zanmai's layout are simple, table a tad small though. However the wall and ceiling decorations are pretty unique. I like the arrangement of lamps as ceiling light.

Pretty tea cups
Love the salmon salad, fresh and tasty, especially the sauce that went with it. The sauce is so important to make a scrumptious salad. Pizza so yum. And the sushi was pretty common, pretty good!:)

Pasta dishes were just alright but to suit malaysian taste, chili flakes are needed then its complete. Fresh mushroom and scallops are a thumbs up.

Desmond posing with ebi and salmon sushi

The outlet at Paradigm Mall is located Here.


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