Monday, May 6, 2013 | By: Grace Ann

Hogs Breath Cafe, Sydney Australia

As you know, I'm from Malaysia, Penang to be specific and with all the local versus western food, there is no comparison as to which is better. From the way it is prepared to the ingredients involved, it's just different. What I am trying to get at is it is so important for chefs to understand the dish they prepare, in the style of which it is supposed to be. Saying that, I felt personally it was difficult to get a reasonably priced steak in Penang. While I was in Australia, I was introduced to Hogs Breath, sold to the idea that it was the best steak ever, and truly it was for me thus far. For around AUD 25, you can have a juicy steak with two side orders. Extras are with extra charges but honestly even the standard one is good enough. Have a look at our dishes. I understand that there is one in Singapore and another in Vietnam.

I had my first Hogs Breath experience in Sydney, Australia. The place is simple, clean loos, great service and good food.  A casual, comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, great for hang outs and families. I could also imagine a party right here.

My Steak, medium rare - juicy and fresh vegetables. Corn was  very tasty as well.
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