Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

43 Cafe, Sungai Dua, Penang

In the mood for burger but bored of what the fast food chains offers? Give 43 Cafe homemade burgers a try, a healthier choice for a reasonable price. The only burger you are going to find in this cafe is pork burger. Succulent pork patties oven-grilled with no added oil tucked between lightly toasted sesame buns.

There was a new entry to the menu, BBQ Fork Pork Burger priced at RM 6.50.  Strips of pork with its homemade sauce. I took that and my friend took the original Pork Port burger of which I prefer(from Set A)

The pork burger is delectable and indeed worthy of a coming back to. Additionally, the cheese melts in your mouth making it all so appetizing and it's priced at only RM5.00(ala carte). Worth every cent.

The Set A comes with their home made mushroom soup and tomato plum juice. Healthy food has its unique taste so I believe there are a handful of people that might have to accustom to the taste. I liked it though. However the tomato plum juice seems foreign to me, you see, I'm not a fan of tomato juice. My friend likes it quite alot. So to each its own. 

Other recommended selections:
-Nom Nom Nom (Penang Satay)
- Egg Pecah
- Honey Roasted Chicken Wing
- Homemade Peanut Paste


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