Thursday, October 25, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Kim Hee Chinese Restaurant, Prai, Penang

A drive to Prai for a church meeting would definitely be accompanied by dinner and an opportune time to try a place I have never been. Like my blog motto says, " she don't seek them out, it's part of her lifestyle", truly it is as it is. So here we are at Kim Hee Chinese Restaurant taken by one of the church member, Lai Khoon from Peniel Church. 

Here is the setting as we walk in and obviously it's a place where wedding functions are held in this area. A typical nice layout of the tables and stage area. 

Here's their information right on the napkin.
I practically drenched my small portion of rice with this curry as it was so appetizing. Love it!
Claypot Curry Fish
Nothing can go wrong with asparagus and it's fresh and nice.
We were eating healthy dishes that night, steamed and good choice of protein and carbs yet as simple as it is, it was also very tasty and we finished with some complimentary fruits. We were stuffed! In a good way.
Hot plate Tofu
Steamed Egg Dish

A good place to try if you are in Prai, a great place for company functions and so on and the prices are reasonable and food is commendable.

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