Friday, September 28, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Four Hours Body by Tim Ferriss

My food blog is a blog of lifestyle and experience and how my being response to the food and its place. And food has an impact on my body obviously, so I also like to share if there are healthy related books or site that might help us to enjoy life with food without putting on the unnecessary inches to our body or fats to our livers. 

As much as I would like to eat and eat to my heart's desire, I still have fat alerts ringing in my mind when I overdo it. I do not have an exercise regime as I would hope for but I do try to stay active, walk a little farther, exercising while I'm bathing, taking some weights after a long practice at the piano. I want to gain more muscles and lessen the fats and it is not easy to find something that does not take up a lot of time. If you would like the same thing I do, first of all we have to ask the most simplest question:

How to get muscles? Get an idea and read further, to get that muscles you want. Ladies, most of us do not want to look like lady hulks so there are tips and guides to teach us a simple way.

Imagine gaining 34 lbs. of muscle in 4 weeks, Tim Ferriss no 1 NY Times bestselling author will take you through a journey of a healthier path. Like I have said before in my past post, we are responsible of taking care of our earthly body as best as we can. The rest I leave it to God. If you are interested to know more, do visit the links in this post. 

Read all about Tim Ferriss. Watch the trailer to have a quick preview.


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