Sunday, August 12, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Floating Market Delicacies in Haatyai, Thailand

My first time to the floating market in Haatyai is a weird tongue tasting one. If you have problems with bugs, please avoid further scrolling or a speedy scroll might help as the pictures gets more pleasant later in the post. Love the scenery as I walked through the dry market till the floating market area. I thought I was heading to a big boat with a market installed within but in reality, there were just floating 'sampan' in one long stretch while the marketers stands by the bridge/pathway to buy from the sellers. And the only way for the marketers to receive their foodies is delivered by a wooden spoon-like stick then we placed the money in order to pay them.
Soft shell crab

Their technology of fanning away the flies.
The sight is divine
This is how we get our food. Thanks Sung Yean for the yummy treats!
So delicious, I could eat two packets
Coconut water served in clay cups and you can take them back as souvenirs.
Mini  delicious eggs.
Colourful sushis

Sweet Potatoes
There will be more write ups about Haatyai food/travel later. Stay tuned!


Christine Valerio said...

Wow! I wanna taste the different colorful sushis. It looks so yummy :3

Sue said...

It sure is colourful. A place to visit if you go to haatyai !
Thanks for visiting, Christine. Have a great day ahead!

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