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Abbey Road Bistro, Butterworth

Don't get lost while walking on heels, it's no joke! Some of us were 'over the sea' (Penang lingo) for a meeting and followed by window shopping at Sunway Carnival until it was dinner time. With just a cut out from the newspaper, we decided to try out Abbey Road Bistro. We saw it as our car passed on our way to Sunway Carnival so thinking that it was near, we walked from Sunway Carnival but  somehow it wasn't nearby and we couldn't find the restaurant. Long story short, we asked around, got back on our friends car and we reached. About my heels, the bottom part came off!

Abbey Road Bistro interiors are all about The Beatles. If you know nuts on The Beatles and why is Abbey Road of any relation? Click here.
The place is dimly lighted and it has a cosy ambience. Family, couples and friends were hanging out there that night. Do ask for recommendations as there are some items that are not included in the menu. At the end of our meal, we were told they actually serve kobe beef too.

The baked trout was simply exquisite in taste and in portion which I would relate such dish to a fine dining menu. I could see that my friend was satisfied with the taste however, the portion does not suffice.
Baked Trout - RM 44
Alot of us enjoyed the grilled boneless chicken, it doesn't need much comments. It's scrumptious.
Grilled Boneless Chicken - RM27
The oysters we ordered was not in the menu and it comes in 4 pieces. The only qualm we had is it was a tad small for our liking but it is no doubt an excellent dish. We enjoyed every bit of it till it was wiped clean.
Oyster Motoyaki(4pieces) - RM36

Pan Seared Seabass - RM 32
Seabass is pretty good too and I loved the mashed potatoes. The burgers were not too bad as well. Meaty and stuffed sufficiently. My friend commented it was better than Hard Rock's. :)
Rockefeller Chicken Burger and Old Skool Burger
Apart from the main menu,another 'special' menu was given and with just two choice of desserts to choose, we ordered all. This place is a fine dining bistro and if you look into their facebook page you realized that they have lots of food styles as well as alot of different types of services available(Check it out below). Not to mention, they have live bands occasionally as well.

Sachertorte and Mille Feuille
Great shot, guys!

We had a chat with the chef's father John, a friendly chap who told us more about the bistro and also that his son is the only Malaysian who worked with the Iron Chef, if I heard him right. Later we met the son Samuel and his wife.  Great family working together.

6GF, Lebuh Tenggiri 2, Pusat Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Butterworth, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
 Tue - Sat:12:00 pm-11:30 pm
Sun:12:30 pm-11:00 pm

Contact No: 04-3906655

Facebook page:


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