Sunday, February 12, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Brussels Beer Cafe at Gurney Paragon

My taste has traveled far to Korea, Japan, German, Italy and now to Belgium however my body never left Penang, Malaysia. To be specific, I was at Gurney Paragon sitting comfortably at a high chair in Brussels Beer Cafe having a taste of Belgium is more like it. They have such a wide variety in their menu and it is also noted which dish has beer in its dishes. I browsed and decided on Chicken Waterzoo, as it sounded interesting. And I kind of liked it, its soup is pleasant and with the rye bread, everything just went well together and definitely fills my tummy nicely.  We all shared the Grimbergen mussels and it was truly fresh and tasty. I must say its worth the price and its reasonable. It comes with garlic bread, I wondered why the combination but I never asked. Curiosity aside, the creme brulee was indeed excellent mm..mmm. The portion was small for the pork chop though and that left my friend with a frown. Not recommended for hungry ones but only for very petite eaters. Other dishes tasted sort of plain and normal. Nothing to be loud about...

Liege Salad - RM16.80 
Brussels Pasta(Spaghetti) - RM 22.80
Mini Fish and Chips - RM13.80
Grimbergen Mussels - RM25.80

Chicken Waterzoo - RM 25.80
Pork Chop - RM28.80
Cream Brulee - RM9.80

After a scrumptious meal, its time for a walk and that's when I learned a thing or two about the history before Gurney Paragon. The evening ended with some colourful water in our midst. Find out more at Sue-World: A Night at Gurney Paragon


Jana said...

Hi..i really enjoyed ur blog.. gave me some great ideas to eat out.. keep it up ya. :)

Sue said...

Hi Jana, Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope to find time to do more..:)

If you like, you can follow my blog through google at the side or like my page on facebook.

C you ard! :)

Nikel Khor said...

love their Cream Brulee!

Sue said...

Yup, it's one of the best cream brulee i have tasted in Penang. thanks for dropping by,Nikel Khor.

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