Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Sweet Coconut-Air Itam Market

Walking down the street of Air Itam market, I scour for interesting buys. This coconut cart made an impression. Boulders of coconuts, I wonder if it is sweet? 'Memanglah'(ofcourse) or I wouldn't have that title, betulkah(right?)? Twice I tried on two different occasions, sweetness still remains. You can ask him, he will tell you which level of sweetness you can choose from. Go for'll not regret it. If it ain't sweet, then something is wrong somewhere.

Normal coconut - RM 3.00
Sweet coconut - RM 3.50
Small coconut - RM 2.50

Look for this man - he is near some bakery shop.


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