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Shia's Homemade Granola, Penang

When you walk or ride pass this shop, you can't help but stop and have a look and then have a closer look. The goodies that are displayed and the artistry on the outside is attractive and inviting.
 For me, it's already inviting because I have tasted the granola bars from Shia's Granola since last November and I still love it.  At that time, it was right out from Alishia's kitchen, the proprietor. I bought from her occasionally and then my sister came to like it too after I let her try a bar. I have tried those boxes of bars off the rack and I didn't seem to like any of it , either it's too chewy or too sweet or something that just didn't go right with me. I am not exaggerating. 

My favourite is the chocolate flavour but they have other flavours as well. I like it with milk or soya milk. Just check out their page below for a full menu.

This is what I had for my tea break on my first visit to the shop. Dragon fruit, pear, banana coupled with granolas, chia seeds, and yogurt. It was refreshing, tasty and of course healthy.

Such a good quote and we all really need to be educated about taking care of our bodies. It may seem literally impossible in a food paradise of Penang, however we can always strike a balance between healthy good food and just any tasty food. It is a matter of selection and timing and a conscious effort to seek out what suits our taste and our lifestyle. 

Say hello to the owners of Shia's Granola. The ones who do what they preach. Ke Wynn is a personal fitness trainer and wife Alishia is the chef behind Shia's Granola. All this started in 2013, when Alishia didn't quite fancy the granolas that the family bought back from the store and started to make her own and soon enough, friends started ordering. The story develops from there and now births their very own shop. It used to be their photo studio but now a kitchen for making delectable granolas. Creativity is in the genes, I remember Alishia's father used to make photo frames and I can see where Alishia has gotten her artistic and creativity from. 

We had a good chat although short about healthy lifestyles and the trends. We all are trying, some do it better than others and so, encouraging each other definitely helps more.
bought this cute little thing, it reminds me of baby food : ) and it was for my dinner as I have classes back to back in the evening. It is called Apple Mango chia seed pudding. I took this right before my protein shake. I love it! I love yummy, simple, convenient meals when it comes to heavy scheduled days.

More information:

Facebook Page: Shia's Granola
Address: No.1, India House, Church Street Ghaut, 10300 George Town, Malaysia


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