Sunday, October 26, 2014 | By: Grace Ann

Clockwise Place, Georgetown, Penang

Clockwise Place is a 3 month old cosy cafe cum hostel that serves reasonable food courtesy of Ukrainian recipe. The place is vibrant with colours and with clocks, pictures,  postcards as part of their decor. 

 We were having brunch that morning and I wanted a healthier selection thus the salad. 

There is a team of Ukrainian that serves, cooks and manage this fine place. Excellent service I might add. We were served with non local sweets/chocolates at the very beginning. Love the chocolates. It is nice to be able to enjoy some Eastern European cuisine here in Penang.  Definitely suits my taste.

I enjoyed my Olivier Salad very much, with cubes of chicken,  eggs, potatoes, cucumbers, green peas and onion with their sauce. It was a perfect dish for me.

My friend's omelette was a simple yet a pleasant meal. Out of three coffee , I liked cappuccino the best especially when its still warm.

The Apple Strudel is one of their signature dish and I highly recommend it. Love the generous cream they put in as it complements the strudel with sweet, sour combination all at once. 

I'm looking forward to trying more dishes from them.  Indeed a nice hangout place that offers free wifi and no extra taxes.

Apple Strudel
Clare's Mocha
Omelette set
Olivier Salad
Happy friendly team that served us that day

Penang Clockwise Facebook
75, Stewart Lane, Georgetown, Penang