Sunday, August 4, 2013 | By: Grace Ann

Swens Homemade Cakes

Alas, I have come! Been curious to try the famous Penang Swen homemade cakes. Its at Jalan Matang Kucing, Air Itam, 5th house on the right after turning into the road. 
Entering into the house, its all white but the decor is warm and simple as shown in the pictures.
They usually make cakes on a big scale however they out aside almost every Saturday to sell some slices so that you can try the flavours available before ordering the big ones.

We tried the tiramisu mousse and the belgium chocolate cake. The verdict after so long of waiting? Quality taste is present and textures are sublime. I still prefer the Italian Tiramisu however Swens are pretty good too and its less sweet. But the Belgium Chocolate is divine. 55% chocolate and its chocolate melts in my mouth like a bar of chocolate does when we leave chocolate long enough in our mouth.  The tiramisu mousse was eaten too fast before the camera came into the picture.

Belgium Chocolate Cake

The price is RM14, seems steep for a lot of people therefore I would say its one of the bonuses of the day to enjoy this. I love it!

Swen's wife Xue Fen ( not sure of the spelling) is a kind lady who assisted us in looking through different designs of the cakes on the computer screen. And we had a pleasant long conversation to end the nice afternoon. 

To check Swens artistic skill in cake making, visit


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