Thursday, April 26, 2012 | By: Grace Ann

Chicken Rice Balls & Durian Cendol, Melaka

This is our first stop the moment we arrived Melaka. Our local 'tour guides' brought us here to try the chicken rice balls. I thought its the normal chicken rice and then with some chicken balls maybe. Guess not, its literal and we went "Oh ic ...." We are so used to rice in normal form in Penang, so we smashed them up to eat with the chicken but they ate it as it is. It was an experience but I still prefer feeling the grains of rice filling up my mouth. The balls are sort of clammy? Overall, it was not too bad, the chicken is nice.

The Rice Balls
The White Chicken
Here we have The Four Musketeers taking us around while we are there for holiday. Nice friends Jesslyn has. Later in the evening, they took us to Jonker Walk and introduce to us the Durian Cendol. The shop is just at beside the entry to Jonker Walk. Lots of people throng the double storey shop, filled with not only the famous Durian Cendol but with arrays of biscuits and delicacies sold.

Jonker Walk
eating area and shop

White Coffee

I'm not a big fan of cendol but this was rather interesting and if you are a fan of durian and cendol, you would want to try this. My friends would love to go back for more. Try it when you spend your holidays in Melaka.
Red beans are included too.


Anonymous said...

another Jonker’s story


SL Lee said...

One bowl is not enough

Sue said...

Indeed nice and its abit different than ours here in Penang. :-)

Sue said...

Hi SL Lee,
Everyone i know that tasted tis seems to want more than one.
Thanks for visiting.:-)

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