Friday, December 16, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

Thank God It's Friday at Queensbay,Penang

Celebrating birthday at TGIF is never a dull one as most of you would know. This day, we started out with an appetizer and it sure does whet a hungry person's appetite. We know the portions are usually big so we shared out the main dishes.
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Quesadillas - RM20.90
The New York strip we ordered is medium well and as expected, it was tender and well cooked. The cheddar cheese melted into the steak and adds its flavour to its utmost taste.
New York Strip with broccoli,cheddar cheese and mashed potatoes - RM 50.90
Love the salmon juiced up in its Tennessee sauce. If you like sweetness to your sauce, this could be your choice of meal.
Tennessee Salmon with Tennessee sauce - RM42.90
 Strawberry Surprise & Ice Coffee RM8.50 & RM9.50

TGIF staff singing their song for the birthday girl and before the birthday girl can have her special icecream, she had to stand up on the chair and sing/say speech and being very sporting, my friend did it(while some I know dare not do in the past :P). We have two curious little onlookers watching my friend blow the candle from where she sat. Finally we all had a taste of the birthday ice cream, it was tantalizing by sight and scrumptious by taste.
Happy Birthday, Charlene!

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