Monday, December 26, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

My Christmas Eve Dinner

My family has a tradition to have a get together Christmas Eve dinner every year. First we will have our traditional Christmas dinner menu which you will see later then we will open our presents together as well. This is the first year we are having at my sister's new place and it is a very nice home indeed. Let's get down to the food, shall we?
Introducing to you Gammom Ham, and this ham is so delicious when you cover it with the apple sauce.
Gammom Ham
No turkey for us this year. However, we had the Roast Lamb which its meat was tender and juicy but sad to say the sauce didn't quite enhanced its taste as expected.
Love this garlic bread with the garlic fillings as shown on the next picture. Each bite squeezes its garlic filling in my mouth and I could go on and on but I didn't want to stuff myself with too much carbs so I stopped at the 3rd piece.
Garlic Bread (Garlic / Mushroom filling)
Yum..are you salivating yet...cos I am. Please get me one, sis!
Oh my, that's a lot of sausages to consume. Glad the kids were able to help us out a little.
Mushroom and Chicken Sausage
It is not usual to have roti jala in a Christmas menu, but ours do and its spicy and sweet! Chicken was sort of small in size for the money we paid for but the taste is pretty good.
30 pieces
We almost did without salad because we already had so much food but can't go on without the greens so we just bought it off at Cold Storage to add to the list. We never have a dinner like this without wine. I only managed to capture the bottle of our dessert wine, a wine that goes after food. Before this we had another wine that goes with meat, and basically that's all the drink we had,wine. This German wine is sweet with honey, goes better on the rocks.

Blessed Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!


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