Tuesday, November 15, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

King of Fruits ~ Durians

Durians have a thorny reputation and my analysis is that it gives some people a pain in a neck because of its unique taste or smell but to most, a thorn among the durian hunters. Some westerners are known to be repulsive of its taste and may find the smell a prick.  To our surprise, some are even drawn to it. It is definitely an acquired taste.My choice will be the sweet ones though a slight bitter doesn’t hurt. I was and have not been a fan of opening the durian but normally those who delight in the painful pleasures have a huge love for it. Alright, it’s not that bad once you get the art of knowing where to stick the knife and pry it open.
‘Ask and you will receive’ truly happened in the most simplest and unexpected manner. My friends and I were driving around a township that was rather quiet one morning, ranting in wishful thinking of having a delicious durian feast after our breakfast. Then there was a man on a bike with tons of durians, we stopped to ask if we can buy from him, he said "No, these are to be delivered elsewhere." After a few exchanges of humor between my friend and the man, suddenly he decides to give not one but two durians free of charge. All we can say is thank you!! He didn’t want to sell but he gave us two durians, what are the odds?
Here are our blessings. I know I have a wide spectrum of readers, from all over the world and so here is a little education(which I hope it helps) ~ this is the way to open the durian.

The Durians

Using a good small knife will do. Hold where it gives you a good grip.

Pry it open with all your strength.
Ta da! Open any layers you can get your hands on. Oops, an accidental cut through the seed.

Finished! Satisfied! :)

Take a look at a visit I made with my friends to Balik Pulau Durian Farm.


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