Friday, September 16, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

Xuan Xin Restaurant at Gurney Plaza

The owner of Xuan Xin Restaurant and Xuan Xin Steamboat Buffet at Tanjung Bungah is known to be the same. I have not tried the latter, only the one at Gurney Plaza, 2nd floor, right next to Sakae Sushi.

We were busy settling in and ordering the dishes as you can see. My sister has been here a few times so she did the ordering while I was busy taking photos as usual. Drinks came first and how the colors attracted my shutters that I've got to stop anyone from drinking till I finish snapping the picture. There was the blue ice drink and the rest are fruit juices of many kinds.

Here are all the dishes we had for the lunch. Due to a small miscommunication, we ended up with two types of taufu but it is alright, both were pleasantly tasty. I liked the prawn dish, the 12 pieces of pork(Sioh Bak) and the vegetable dish the most.

Here is my small dumpling which my sister commented that the one in Dragon I is better(just for extra information). Just remember to let the juice leak out in your mouth and not out of it 'cos that is just the way to eat it. *smile*

So if you want to celebrate birthdays or have a reunion, this section is great for some private party. There are only two table with 10 seatings with a nice view facing the G hotel area. The bill for our lunch this day was around RM 200, thanks to my eldest sis for the treat. And a happy birthday to my dad! :)
Hailed from Hong Kong - not my nieces but the Kitty Kats dresses. Cute eh? 


QmuRate said...

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Sue said...

Thanks Qmurate for the information.GREAT PROMOTION! :-)

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