Monday, August 22, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

That Little Wine Bar, Penang

Exquisite little wine bar yet decorated simply, it exudes a romantic feel however cosy enough for families. Since it was my birthday dinner,we ordered something out of the ordinary. We weren't really looking to stuff ourselves but to enjoy some European delicacies. We were warmly welcomed by one of the owners, she sat us down and gave us our menus. Then another local man came to our assistance, explaining the types of food and the recommended dishes. Soon one by one, every dish is fascinating and well presented. I liked every dish in its unique way though for some i wished there was more ~ Asian bellies can have quite a bit of an appetite. Enjoyed my food, I mix the meat with its sauce or side dressing,and its taste becomes another making it just splendid for me. The night ends inevitably with a glass of wine and my preferred choice would be the champagne bowler.

Quail In The Nest - RM58
Beef Carpaccio ~ thinly sliced NZ tenderloin - RM35

Duck breast orange - RM28

Apple Pillow & Macadamia Icecream - RM 12
Look at that moon!
Champagne Bowler and  White Wine mojito - RM 30 and RM 28 

Service with a Smile!

To find the place and to know more please click here!