Thursday, July 7, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

Putu Piring at Tanjung Bungah Night Market

Occasionally it is pleasant to walk through the bustle of a night market. One that I do fancy is the Tanjong Bungah night market(only on Tuesdays). There are a variety of stalls selling clothes, fashion jewelry, undergarments, shoes, slippers, hand phone accessories, stationery and sometimes even rabbits. 
The stall that caught my eye was this putu piring as we malaysians calls it. And can you believe it, there is a Putu piring wikipedia on it which I will extract its meaning for those who has no idea what it really is.
Basically it is made of a type of flour with brown sugar coated. It is fun to eat, I treat it like a dessert. Why fun you may ask? Well, it is when we are using our fingers to pinch and place it inside our mouth. Just using the thumb, forefinger and the middle finger!

I don't seem to see it selling in many place nowadays in Penang  but one that i saw is in Tanjung Bungah Market. This putu piring man was nice enough for me to take a picture of him and the stall. He does sell what we usually eat which is the kutu mayong. This night market is off Jalan Tanjung Bungah near the shoplots where they have Maybank, Yorkshire cafe and other coffee shop.


Anonymous said...

Wow..i been searching for nice putu piring... Now in penang very less already. The one i knew is pulau tikus market there only

Sue said...

Hi, yes there are not many. Another i came across was along dthemain road pg times square.

Thanks for coming by to my food blog.:-D

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