Friday, July 1, 2011 | By: Grace Ann

JL Cafe, Prangin Mall Penang

My favourite restaurant in Prangin Mall. It's been years that I have been there(when I'm in Prangin Mall) but this is my first blogpost about it. Ironic! I guess when I'm there I think of food and not pictures. Well this day I also did not bring my camera but thanks to Chin Chin founder of TOAR Travel Magazine, I have some pictures to share. Do visit her website, interactive and lot's to learn. What is missing here is their signature mushroom soup. Take my word for it and forget about the picture. If you have never tried it, try it. It's thick and creamy and with all the particles of ingredients in it,it makes it unforgettable.
These are the things we had ....everything you see here is below RM20. Look out for the set meal and the best part about JL Cafe is they don't charge ++. :)

The sandwich is scrumptious to the core, anyone would enjoy this meal. Soft, fresh and tasty!

This caesar salad is so filling, there is cheese, ham, egg,strips of chicken and along with the rest of the colourful veg.
This is a very cheesy fish dish if you like cheesy taste.
Then there's the spaghetti bolognese, you can almost feel like you are eating mummy's spaghetti, the home cooked feel. Yum!
I cannot remember the name of this dish but the fish with its garlic on top is delicious.
The satisfied customers!!And I'm behind the camera!
I wish I would have done the proper food review with its prices but not for this visit. All I can say is don't miss it, and as their saying goes "Taste it to Love it"

Owned by a very nice couple Tarmizi and Lai Ying, they are also owners of Mizi restaurant (New World Park, Tesco Tg Pinang). JL cafe is situated in a cosy corner at Level 3 and you will love hanging out there for as long as you can. Have a friendly chat, read the magazines and have some coffee. Check out Evana coffee, i hope the spelling is right because that's their daughter's name. Its their special coffee concoction and for those who like mocha, will probably like this. And I will blog about Mizi later.Adios!


Nava.K said...

Sometimes, I prefer to have the sandwich for a light meal but Caesar salad is a waste paying because its about throwing anything inside and enjoying it.

Sue said...

Ya salad is something we all can do, throw it all in. but i suppose lazy times calls for service :)

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