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Little Cottage at Gottlieb Road , Penang

             Little Cottage 2 is situated at 'The Waterfall' near Penang Botanical and YouthPark is nearby. Well, if there is a no 2, there is a no 1 like any movie sequels and that Little Cottage 1 is located at Burmah Road. For more information, go to Little Cottage Cafe
Celery Soup - Soup Of The Day
            This is a place to go if you have a low budget with a craving for western food or italian food. The set lunches comprised of soup of the day, main meal, coffee/tea and dessert of the day. The soup of the day for me that day was celery soup. I hate celery but the soup turned out pleasant andI'm proud to say I finished it to the last drop.
Make your choice! Click on the picture.

Monte Cristo is as common as any chicken chop out there however if you are not sure what to order, this is not a bad choice . Generally speaking for all the sets with the mash potatoes, it's lousy. I left half of mine but if I did not bother about wasting food, I won't even take a second bite. For me, the texture was rough and does not melt in my mouth the way I like it.
Monte Cristo Chicken - RM 19.90 Set Lunch
The steak was cooked medium to well done as requested. It turned out pretty good as it was tender and juicy and tasted not too bad with its black pepper sauce. It was worth the price paid.
Minute Ribeye Steak - RM19.90 Set Lunch
As for the almond fish, I love the tartar sauce, makes the whole fish experience a memorable one :). Overall, it is 6 over 10 rating.
Grill Almond Fish - RM15.90 Set Lunch
This cute little thing, size of a salt and pepper bottle is honeydew jelly. Not too sweet, just the right portion included in the set(might be too little for some.)  I like!
Honeydew Jelly
A cosy quiet ambience for friends to have a good chat over food.


jfook said...

Rm 15.90 is rather cheap for a salmon fish plate though

Sue said...

Ya prices are all pretty reasonable but i havent tasted the salmon fish. Thanks for dropping by, jfook.

kumfye said...

not expensive a good place to chill out and having meal ^^ cheers

Sue said...

yup, rite kumfye.. its quiet there

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